Treatment for Erectile dysfunction


Penile Lithotripsy-

Penile extracorporeal low-intensity shock wave therapy (LIST) to the penis has recently emerged as a novel and promising modality in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). LIST has angiogenic properties and stimulates neovascularization. If applied to the corpora cavernosa, LIST can improve penile blood flow and endothelial function. In a series of clinical trials, including randomized double-blind sham-controlled studies, LIST has been shown to have a substantial effect on penile hemodynamics and erectile function in patients with vasculogenic ED. LIST is effective in patients who are responsive to phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (PDE5i) and can also convert PDE5i nonresponders to responders. The response to LIST wanes gradually over time, and after 2 years, about half of the patients maintain their function. Extensive research is needed to understand the effect of LIST on erectile tissue, to modify the treatment protocol to maximize its outcomes, and to identify the patients who will benefit the most from this treatment.

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-In-Office procedure 

-Highly successful and innovative device  

-Other options include oral agents, penile prosthesis, tri-mix injections

Testosterone Supplementation

-Testosterone injections

-Testopel pellets


Testing to evaluate all aspects of bladder function.  This study helps to explain reasons for incontinence, frequent urination, sudden strong urges to urinate, problems starting a urine stream, problems emptying the bladder completely and chronic urinary tract infections.


Urinary Track Infections


Prostate and Bladder Cancer